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for industry

Prisma is our patented Compressor Integrated Energy Storage system (CIES) for industry

It operates at cryogenic temperatures and stores up to 500 times

the amount of air stored in traditional air receivers.  


that combines the production of compressed air with energy storage.

The concept of Compressor Integrated Energy Storage offers something completely new to the industrial market.


Charges up using cheaper off-peak electricity creating an energy dense store of cold liquefied air.


Discharges to provide hours of compressed air.


Energy storage of this type and use case does not currently exist.


Enables energy hungry compressors to be turned off during times of peak expensive electricity.


PRISMA charges up using cheaper off-peak electricity creating a store of cold liquid air that can then be discharged to provide hours' worth of compressed air, allowing energy hungry air compressors to be turned off, during times of peak expensive electricity.

There are two main parts inside PRISMA. The thermal storage vessel is filled with a specially formulated material that stores a huge amount of cold air at -150C. This cold store allows us to liquify air and store it in the liquid air vessel ready for use on-demand.

PRISMA contains a high efficiency air compressor coupled with a unique air liquefaction and storage vessel that holds 500 times the amount of energy as liquid air compared to existing compressed air storage.

At the heart of the PRISMA system is advanced liquid and thermal storage technologies that store cold energy (or "coolth", as we like to call it, the opposite of warmth) and return it for later use.

During charging, the liquid air store is supplied with ambient temperature compressed air. This air is then chilled to -150C through the "sensible coolth store" to the condensation point where liquefaction begins.

In the same vessel, this saturated air passes to the second "latent coolth store" which contains our unique phase change material (PCM) and there the air is fully liquefied and can be stored for long periods in the integrated vacuum insulated tank.

When required, the whole cycle runs in reverse - the liquid air passes back through the latent coolth store where it picks up the stored heat removed from the charging process  and becomes gas.


It then passes back through the sensible coolth where it again picks up stored heat to then discharge as usable ambient temperature compressed air. 

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