Innovatium is a technology company which focuses on renewable energy. We invent, develop and commercialise equipment and processes which reduce the carbon intensity of existing processes and enable greater renewable penetration into the energy mix.

At our core is the desire to use our expertise and creativity to make a positive impact on our environment by creating energy efficient technologies which lead to a meaningful reduction in the carbon footprint of end users.


We are constantly scanning all aspects of green energy looking for barriers to its take-up. We use our "Innovatium Approach" to provide potential solutions to remove or reduce these obstacles.

A ground-breaking Liquid Air Battery called PRISMA (Peak Reduction Integrating the Storage and Management of Air) that combines compressed air production and energy storage, providing users with up to 60% energy savings and hours of back-up energy storage.

An innovative biogas liquefaction system that is a single stage process using less machinery and 40% less energy than existing technologies making "stranded" biogas resources accessible and profitable, delivering biogas from farm direct to consumer.

Glass Buildings


Innovatium's world leading expertise in turbomachinery and energy system design delivers value add product developments supporting the strategic growth of major global OEM's and utilities. Our large network of partners and suppliers make us the energy solutions architects of choice.