Innovatium's expansion turbine system is used in pressurised pipelines to generate electricity from pressure reduction. This energy would normally be bled-off through a valve and wasted.

Our technology can be specifically applied to the gas transmission network - which contains vast amounts of high-pressure gas requiring a reduction in pressure before reaching the consumer.

The gas network is transitioning to renewable hydrogen; this presents additional challenges. Existing technology is not commercially viable - due to complexity and reliance on costly, fossil-fuelled heat sources.

Innovatium's technology combines advanced aerodynamic turbine design with a proprietary integrated air-source heat pump. These features reduce the complexity and cost of the system whilst achieving the requirement of running with 20% hydrogen in the gas. 



The expansion turbine of TurbX sets new standards and offers several advantages:

for natural gas DRM (pressure reading and measuring) stations;

pressure reduction from 35 to 5 bar;

nominal volume 5,000 Nm3/h;

generates 150kW of electric current;

without heating by fossil energy sources;

CO2 neutral

in the pipeline: Expansion turbine for other sizes.